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  • BannersBroker – the plot thickens (or the waters muddied?!). StellarPoint??

    Well, I just got a very interesting email with a Word document attached. Here it is: The email looks like this: The problem is – I don’t advertise BB (as anyone who reads this would know!). I never have. I am a publisher! Who is StellarPoint? Where do they fit into the mix? Well – […]

  • BannersBroker – I’m getting heavily quoted!

    Hi everybody. Recently I’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic here to philsmy.com. It seems there are a lot of people interested in what I have to say about BannersBroker (and interested in Banners Broker I guess!). One of the places I am getting a lot of traffic from is ‘The Motley Fool’ message boards. This […]

  • BannersBroker – the old, its not me, its you, story.

    Recently on my blog post declaring BannersBroker a scam someone posted a comment giving a second-hand response from BB UK rep, Jamie Waters. Being the good netizen, I went over to Jamie’s blog and commented on his posting (and video) called Explaining Banners Broker Slightly Differently. I said: Hi jamie, I have heard that you have commented […]

  • BannersBroker – Tell me your tales

    It seems there is a thirst for real-world experiences about BannersBroker. Recently I’ve seen a steady rise in traffic – all people coming to my site here to read about my BannersBroker experiences. But I can’t be the only one. Other people must have publishing experiences with BannersBroker. If not, then they really ARE in […]

  • BannersBroker… verdict: scam

    Well, it’s not an accusation I level lightly, but, I have no option but to conclude that BannersBroker is in fact a scam. To summarize my experience with this ‘ground breaking revolution in internet advertising’: I did the OPPOSITE of what most people are doing with BannersBroker. I didn’t sign up for an ad/pub combo, […]

  • BannersBroker – Another 10 days of silence

    Well, just to keep things up to date I thought I’d mention that another week has gone by and still no response from BannersBroker. We’ve had their ‘ads’ on LotteryCanada.com for over a month now. In that time LC has had over 1.1 million page views, half a million visitors, etc etc. BannersBroker still refuse […]

  • BannersBroker – publisher reports still not forthcoming

    A month ago we started running ads from the ‘new internet sensation’ BannersBroker on LotteryCanada.com. At the time I was a little concerned and disappointed that unlike every other ad network BannersBroker offers NO statistics (real time or otherwise) on their site. So – I live-chatted with their technical support person on August 16th who […]

  • BannersBroker – forgot to mention

    In my last post I complained about the poor service that BannersBroker provides what should be its most valued assets – its publisher network. But I forgot to mention that most of the time this is the ‘exciting’ ad we are displaying on our site: BannersBroker claim to have 100,000 people pumping out ads. And […]

  • BannersBroker – a very poor publishing network

    Recently I’ve heard a lot of buzz about something called BannersBroker. It is supposed to be a ‘revolutionary’ change in how advertising works on the internet. Their focus is on getting people to sponsor adspace that they sell. They then give you a slice of the money. Whether that works or not I can’t say, […]