BannersBroker – publisher reports still not forthcoming

A month ago we started running ads from the ‘new internet sensation’ BannersBroker on

At the time I was a little concerned and disappointed that unlike every other ad network BannersBroker offers NO statistics (real time or otherwise) on their site.

So – I live-chatted with their technical support person on August 16th who told me this:

23:40 Phil Smy: so we will get a report on Sept 1?
23:41 Victoria Bannersbroker: Yes you should be able to see your earnings on Sept 1st

Well – Sept 1st came and went… and no reports appeared. Now I have approached them again and I was told:

06:17 Jason bannersbroker: Im not sure when they are sent as they come from another department but usually every 30 days
06:18 Phil Smy: we can never get a straight answer from you people…
06:18 Jason bannersbroker: I think I just provided you with an answer

In the time we’ve been running BannersBroker on our site we’ve had over 1 million page views, and around half a million visits.

So I am hoping for a nice chunk of change from BannersBroker!

So…we sit and wait.