Business & Film Focus

by phil on November 23, 2015

As some of you may know, I have a YouTube channel where I try to talk mostly about my life and business ideas. But, I’m also working on my Masters in Film from Raindance. Right now I don’t really have a resource for that. Soon I’ll put something on here, but, for now to see the documentary I’m working on you can go to this page.

Finally, living in Japan, of course I need to have a YouTube channel under the username of SendaiPhil that addresses this country, in all of it’s beauty and bizarreness.

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The New Making It

by phil on August 29, 2015

Found this over on the NYT. On one level it’s very inspiring. On another it’s very depressing – I’m twice the age of most of the people in here. Too little, too late?



Six creatives in the Los Angeles area are supporting themselves with gigs that would have been impossible 15 years ago.

Source: The New Making It


Peter Thiel talk in London on business and politics – Business Insider

May 8, 2015

Tweet Thiel spoke on stage about a wide range of subjects. Source: Peter Thiel talk in London on business and politics – Business Insider Peter Thiel is a pretty amazing guy. Co-founder of PayPal, the first outside investor in Facebook… you get the idea. So, when he speaks you should listen. Thiel talks at length […]

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Play pinball like it’s 1978 with the new Kiss game | Ars Technica

May 8, 2015

Tweet Stern Pinball brings back the iconic band for another round with the silver ball. Source: Play pinball like it’s 1978 with the new Kiss game | Ars Technica I was never into games, or pinball, when I was a kid, but I was really into Kiss, and on my list of regrets is not […]

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Bow To Your Billionaire Drone Overlord: Frank Wang’s Quest To Put DJI Robots Into The Sky – Forbes

May 7, 2015

Tweet At 34, Frank Wang has turned his dream of flying robots into the world’s biggest drone company–and an expected $4.5 billion fortune. Now, as the market for his devices explodes, his old colleague is trying to take him down. Fascinating article about Frank Wang Tao, how he grew DJI into an amazing company, and […]

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Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits – 15 point to measure your business

March 26, 2015

Tweet I just finished reading Philip Fisher’s seminal investment book ‘Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits’. The book tells you how to truly evaluate a company that you want to invest in (or buy stock of). The book is a little dated, first coming out in 1960. Some things certainly don’t apply to today’s world (I don’t […]

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My Improvised Life – Toastmasters Speech #4

January 28, 2015

Tweet When I was 13 I entered high school. In my part of Canada we didn’t have junior high school, so we went from elementary school to high school. My high school had a fantastic music program and at 13 I was starting to get serious about music. On my first few days at the […]

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Raindance MA in Film: Learning Contract

January 8, 2015

Tweet I’ve always said that I want to be as transparent – warts and all – about my progress through the Raindance MA in Film. This includes doing my bi-weekly or so video blog “I Wanna Be A Producer” (available on YouTube) and posting my assignments. Below you will find my complete ‘Learning Contract’. We […]

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Every Story Ever Told – My take on the Hero’s Journey

August 29, 2014

Tweet [ What follows is the script for my Toastmasters Speech #2, given in Sendai, Japan] Introduction What if I told you that stories as diverse as the ancient Chinese fable ‘Journey to the West’, the life of Jesus as written in the New Testament, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the 12th Century Japanese work Heike Monogatari, […]

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What I learned from writing my presentation

August 1, 2014

Tweet I just wanted to go through some points about doing my presentation of my learning contract. Doing the presentation clarified my mind! This is the most important, for me. Having to distill my learning contract down into a presentation really showed some holes in my learning contract. It got me thinking about the overall […]

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