Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps

I’ve been going through Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program, which is all about reading great resources (i.e books) and making modifications to methods and thinking to increase your effectiveness and success.

I’ve also been doing a video for each step, mostly as a way of cementing in the ideas into my brain.

You can see the videos by looking on my YouTube channel. The playlist is below.

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If you’re interested in Tai’s program itself, then you can sign up by clicking here. Yes, I get a small commission. I think it’s a good program and it certainly opened my eyes and brain!

2 responses to “Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps”

  1. I just finished your critique of the 67 Steps. Thank you! I enjoyed your summary and your presentation was clear and easy to listen to. I especially liked the end where you described having accidentally acquired the Steps for free. I didn’t have the $67 dollars and I didn’t want to spend the time (Since I am 71, using my time wisely is critical for me. haha) I am starting a new venture and can use all the wisdom I can soak up.

  2. I bought this. Tai ended harassing with emails but had difficulty to answering simple questions on emails. He forgot I was suscribed to his services. I believe he his not what he videos about.

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