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BannersBroker – I’m getting heavily quoted!

Hi everybody.

Recently I’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic here to It seems there are a lot of people interested in what I have to say about BannersBroker (and interested in Banners Broker I guess!).

One of the places I am getting a lot of traffic from is ‘The Motley Fool’ message boards. This is nice as I’ve been a Fool member for year! You can see that thread here:

Again, if you have any personal experience as a publisher in the banner’s broker network I’d love to here it. Please comment here or send me a message.


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BannersBroker – Tell me your tales

It seems there is a thirst for real-world experiences about BannersBroker. Recently I’ve seen a steady rise in traffic – all people coming to my site here to read about my BannersBroker experiences.

But I can’t be the only one. Other people must have publishing experiences with BannersBroker. If not, then they really ARE in trouble!

So, this is a call out to all of you. If you’ve tried to become a BB publisher and failed, or were accepted or hey, maybe you even have great things to say about BB, I want to hear it!

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BannersBroker – publisher reports still not forthcoming

A month ago we started running ads from the ‘new internet sensation’ BannersBroker on

At the time I was a little concerned and disappointed that unlike every other ad network BannersBroker offers NO statistics (real time or otherwise) on their site.

So – I live-chatted with their technical support person on August 16th who told me this:

23:40 Phil Smy: so we will get a report on Sept 1?
23:41 Victoria Bannersbroker: Yes you should be able to see your earnings on Sept 1st

Well – Sept 1st came and went… and no reports appeared. Now I have approached them again and I was told:

06:17 Jason bannersbroker: Im not sure when they are sent as they come from another department but usually every 30 days
06:18 Phil Smy: we can never get a straight answer from you people…
06:18 Jason bannersbroker: I think I just provided you with an answer

In the time we’ve been running BannersBroker on our site we’ve had over 1 million page views, and around half a million visits.

So I am hoping for a nice chunk of change from BannersBroker!

So…we sit and wait.

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BannersBroker – forgot to mention

In my last post I complained about the poor service that BannersBroker provides what should be its most valued assets – its publisher network.

But I forgot to mention that most of the time this is the ‘exciting’ ad we are displaying on our site:

This is what the 100,000 affiliates are placing on my site. Really?

BannersBroker claim to have 100,000 people pumping out ads. And they can’t seem to find any to go on our site.

Blogging SmallBiz Websites

BannersBroker – a very poor publishing network

Recently I’ve heard a lot of buzz about something called BannersBroker. It is supposed to be a ‘revolutionary’ change in how advertising works on the internet.

Their focus is on getting people to sponsor adspace that they sell. They then give you a slice of the money.

Whether that works or not I can’t say, but, to have ads on the internet you need to have sites – publishers – that show those ads. So, I decided to use my site as a test bed. LC gets around 2 million page views a month. I figured this would give a good amount of data.

We are still in the first month with BannersBroker. I’d like to report that we are making money and everything is great, but, there is no way for me to know! BannersBroker have an absolutely woeful backend for publishers. Sorry, let me correct that… they have no back end for publishers. Every other ad network lets you see how many impressions you are getting, your revenue, etc. The trend now is to show this in real time. Or at worst daily. BannersBroker actually refuse to EVER show this information to the publisher. You will get a MONTHLY report that shows your revenue. How detailed that is we will see.

But monthly is all but useless in the internet world. If we want to make changes, lets say move the ads around to get better performance, there is no way you can do that with monthly feedback.

For now all I can is strongly recommend that if you have a high volume website try and get a traditional ad network (we have great success with Casale) onto your site.

In a couple of weeks I will get a report, which I will post here. Of course, if we get a few thousand dollars (or more) then maybe I will change my tune. But, who wants to bet our revenue will be under $100?