BannersBroker – I’m getting heavily quoted!

Hi everybody.

Recently I’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic here to It seems there are a lot of people interested in what I have to say about BannersBroker (and interested in Banners Broker I guess!).

One of the places I am getting a lot of traffic from is ‘The Motley Fool’ message boards. This is nice as I’ve been a Fool member for year! You can see that thread here:

Again, if you have any personal experience as a publisher in the banner’s broker network I’d love to here it. Please comment here or send me a message.


One response to “BannersBroker – I’m getting heavily quoted!”

  1. Hi Phil,
    I was courted by the UK BB network a year ago. I spoke to several people but none of them actually understood (!) how it worked. I must admit I was tempted to invest because they all told me how much money they were making and that BB was simply giving you a chance to take part in a game which otherwise is only open to big players. The online platform was only partially functional and confusing but I put in a very small amount to see what would happen. I tried advertising too but the only evidence that my ad was published somewhere was a little counter apparently showing impressions. The publisher websites were all secret. Why on earth would they be?! The way they make you buy “panels” of different colours etc isn’t even done very convincingly and the lack of any support, responses or explanations should ring alarm bells. Yet the promise of money for nothing is so enticing that all reason goes out of the window for most people.
    I too concluded that this is a ponzi scheme and that any payouts are financed by new investments. Though I strongly suspect that most people who think they have a lot of money sitting in BB have not yet tried to withdraw those funds but are “reinvesting” them in order to make even more money.
    BTW I listened to a webinar as well but they took no questions (function disabled) and so it was no different to watching a video presentation.

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