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  • Your Mother or Your Life

    I have been a ‘Permanent Resident’ (at least that’s what my visa says) of Japan for 7 years. I pay tax here, I pay social security here. This is the only country on earth where I have a home and health care. My business is here. But in the eyes of the Japanese government, I […]

  • May Vlog Challenge

    May Vlog Challenge

    Of all the forces in nature – gravity, magnetic attraction, nuclear fusion – surely one of the strongest is peer pressure. It’s responsible for untold amounts of change – for better and worse. When we talk about peer pressure it is almost always in a negative context: Little Johnny tried LSD because his friends were […]

  • BannersBroker – I’m getting heavily quoted!

    Hi everybody. Recently I’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic here to It seems there are a lot of people interested in what I have to say about BannersBroker (and interested in Banners Broker I guess!). One of the places I am getting a lot of traffic from is ‘The Motley Fool’ message boards. This […]

  • BannersBroker – never give up, never surrender!

    Just a quickie about our old buddies at BannersBroker. Seems their latest thing is that their script tag you place on a page to supposedly get ads from THEIR network simply puts up stuff from clicksor. You’d think a company as big and important as BannersBroker would at least use their own domain name.

  • BannersBroker – the old, its not me, its you, story.

    Recently on my blog post declaring BannersBroker a scam someone posted a comment giving a second-hand response from BB UK rep, Jamie Waters. Being the good netizen, I went over to Jamie’s blog and commented on his posting (and video) called Explaining Banners Broker Slightly Differently. I said: Hi jamie, I have heard that you have commented […]

  • BannersBroker – a very poor publishing network

    Recently I’ve heard a lot of buzz about something called BannersBroker. It is supposed to be a ‘revolutionary’ change in how advertising works on the internet. Their focus is on getting people to sponsor adspace that they sell. They then give you a slice of the money. Whether that works or not I can’t say, […]

  • Professional Darwinism

    One problem people of my personality type have is this love of starting things and an inability to finish them. Start new projects, blogs, businesses… anything. I am very guilty of this, as a quick google will confirm. But recently there have been a lot of upheavels in my life and this has brought this […]

  • 7 steps to a pleasing personality

    I said before how I am reading (well, listening actually) to Napoleon Hill’s seminal ‘Laws of Success’. The book truly is amazing. Right now I am on the chapter about developing a pleasing personality. So, to remember the seven steps to doing this I am going to write a sarcastic blog posting, which, while it […]

  • Napoleon Hill and the 17 principles of success

    I am listening to the amazing audio book version of the update revision to this timeless masterpiece. True, it clocks in at around 20 hours, but it is time well worth spent (and you can’t / shouldn’t listen to too much at a time, you should let it percolate). If you don’t know who Napoleon […]

  • Busy, busy – Toygaroo, Kyoto and more

    Haven’t been blogging on here at all lately! Things have been quite crazy! #1 – Toygaroo! My new company is Toygaroo. Founded by a bunch of great guys (and a gal!) in California this company looks set to change the way parents get toys for their kids. Toygaroo is a rental model, like FilmAmora and […]