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  • finding lost bags… is this not the 21st century

    Recently both my wife and I had our bags lost by British Airways on a flight back from Canada. They have asked us to send a list of contents to help identify the bags. Surely if they can look at the contents then the bags have been broken open… so we are going to have […]

  • The on-going scam in the Spanish BluRay/DVD marketplace

    It never ceases to amaze me at the absolute ripoff policies of the studios when it comes to selling their discs in Spain. The latest – and one of the most shocking – is in the new release of the Lost TV Series. Now that the series is over of course there are some nice […]

  • How not to sell – Earth to Rich Schefren!

    Recently I watched the incredibly long, 2-part, sales pitch from Rich Schefren over at Strategic Profits. Supposedly Rich is a ‘guru’s guru’ (when it comes to internet marketing I guess, not as in a spiritual guru). So, I made it through the pitch and I have to say there were some things I found interesting. […]

  • In Remembrance of Lolly

    In Remembrance of Lolly

    Just over 5 years ago a dear friend and fellow musician Paul Lawton was killed in a horrific industrial accident. Paul and I played together in ‘The Margraves’ and on some other sessions. Paul moved out to Vancouver in the late 90s and took up with some great musicians out there, including the multi Juno-nominated […]

  • The value of things

    One of my pet peeves is when I get emails from ‘Internet Marketing Gurus’ who claim that when I buy their course I will get all these ‘bonuses’ at greatly reduced prices. Here are some recent ones: Bonus #1: 1 Ticket To “GURU Traffic School”: VALUE: $2,500 Bonus #2: 1 Ticket To Any Live Event […]

  • Greed as a business model – LOTR on BluRay

    In a couple of weeks Lord of the Rings finally makes an appearance on Blu-Ray (the delay caused in most part by legal wranglings). Fans around the world are complaining that the editions being released are the theatrical editions – not the extended editions that we’ve been able to buy (or rent) for years. (God, […]

  • Coming Soon – just about there

    I have a proven background in business – from the bottom up. I’ve been a grunt and now I am the CEO of a successful company. I hope that through that I can help you follow your dreams and start a company and make it a success.

  • What’s all this then?

    Welcome to my new blog. What I am going to try and do on here is stick to a basic theme of setting up and running  a small business. Both virtually (i.e. online) and the logistics and practicalities of running a real business. My backdrop for doing this will primarily be the development and evolution […]