What’s all this then?

Welcome to my new blog.

What I am going to try and do on here is stick to a basic theme of setting up and running  a small business. Both virtually (i.e. online) and the logistics and practicalities of running a real business.

My backdrop for doing this will primarily be the development and evolution of FilmAmora.com. FilmAmora is Spain’s premier mail-order DVD rental website. (think Netflix if you live in America or LoveFilm if you live in Northern Europe). This is a new concept to Spain and I’ll go through the trials and tribulations I had in creating, developing and marketing the business.

Along the way I hope to have some guests (through postings or interviews) that will shed some light on the process.

As we are based in Spain some of the practical information may only apply to people who’s business is also here, but, I would think that certainly a lot of the same paperwork is needed in Europe and to a lesser degree elsewhere. But, as paperwork will not be the focus of this blog (god knows I have enough of that outside this blog!) then hopefully you’ll find the rest of the info applicable no matter where you are.

Welcome and I hope I can be of assistance.

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