The on-going scam in the Spanish BluRay/DVD marketplace

It never ceases to amaze me at the absolute ripoff policies of the studios when it comes to selling their discs in Spain. The latest – and one of the most shocking – is in the new release of the Lost TV Series. Now that the series is over of course there are some nice ‘complete’ box sets. Including, of course, a BluRay one.

But look at this:

This is the box set available from Amazon UK for £119. Not bad, considering it is 6 seasons!

Now look at this:

This is the same box set here in Spain. Yes, you are reading that right. €284 (from a suggested retail of €299). That is almost 3 times the cost!

The truly amazing thing is that some of the UK BluRay releases have Spanish on them… so there is not even the extra dubbing, subtitling to take into account. It is just pure greed.


Spain has the lowest per-capita income in western Europe – yet the highest cost of consumer goods. (I could do this same example using the Suzuki SX4 car, which is also more expensive here than in the UK). What is going on? Who sets these prices? Why does no one protest? Why does the government not comment on price fixing (maybe because they are too busy screwing even more money out of the Spanish!).


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