finding lost bags… is this not the 21st century

Recently both my wife and I had our bags lost by British Airways on a flight back from Canada. They have asked us to send a list of contents to help identify the bags.

Surely if they can look at the contents then the bags have been broken open… so we are going to have to buy new bags anyway.

But this is the 21st century. Surely there is a better way?

Why not:

  • BA staff organize lost bags by day
  • Take photos of lost bags
  • create website where we the customers look at bags by day!

Most people know exactly what day their bags were lost. And what their bags look like (they could also photograph any identifying marks).

This solution would put the time consuming process of bag identification onto the customer. And not require the breaking open of bags. It is also relatively trivial to implement!

Even with 1000 bags a day this would not be tough to do.

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