BannersBroker – Tell me your tales

It seems there is a thirst for real-world experiences about BannersBroker. Recently I’ve seen a steady rise in traffic – all people coming to my site here to read about my BannersBroker experiences.

But I can’t be the only one. Other people must have publishing experiences with BannersBroker. If not, then they really ARE in trouble!

So, this is a call out to all of you. If you’ve tried to become a BB publisher and failed, or were accepted or hey, maybe you even have great things to say about BB, I want to hear it!


2 responses to “BannersBroker – Tell me your tales”

  1. Well, Phil,
    I didn’t ‘invest’ any cash – just read a lot…. and ‘their lies’ versus ‘your truths’ – left only one conclusion.

    It’s so obviously a Ponzi scheme – I didn’t feel too much exhilaration when I drew my conclusion.

    Money on day two and no risk whatsoever were dead give-away’s. I don’t even read the so called clever stuff from these type of guys now, their introductory garbage is just such a pointer to deceit.

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