BannersBroker – Another 10 days of silence

Well, just to keep things up to date I thought I’d mention that another week has gone by and still no response from BannersBroker. We’ve had their ‘ads’ on for over a month now. In that time LC has had over 1.1 million page views, half a million visitors, etc etc.

BannersBroker still refuse to give us any kind of status report. And still, as far as we can tell, 99% of the time the ad block from BannersBroker shows ‘Place your ad here’. I didn’t think that was the point. I thought it was all about the space people were leasing and how much advertisers were paying.

As far as I can tell there are no (or very few) advertisers actually buying space on the BannersBroker network.

I still recommend extreme caution or outright avoidance of BannersBroker.