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  • What Programming Language?

    From my YouTube channel So many conflicting lists about top programming languages in 2021, I put together a sensible top 10 that is good for finding a JOB writing software. This may be a channel about being a Tech Entrepreneur, but finding a job is a great way to get practical real world experience on […]

  • What is a Tech Entrepreneur and ARE YOU ONE???

    I am back with a vengeance – talking about my passion: Tech Entrepreneurship In today’s video I cover the basic questions – what is a Tech Entrepreneur, and are YOU ONE? What are the traits of a Tech Entrepreneur and what should you know going in? Watch to find out! 🔔 Subscribe for more straight […]

  • 20 Years A Tech Entrepreneur

    It’s time to get back on track! I’m coming up to 20 years as a tech entrepreneur. That means founding or co-founding startups. Some worked, some didn’t. Watch this into to me and subscribe to get new videos where I will go over the entrepreneurs journey and how you can create your own successful business! […]

  • Your Mother or Your Life

    I have been a ‘Permanent Resident’ (at least that’s what my visa says) of Japan for 7 years. I pay tax here, I pay social security here. This is the only country on earth where I have a home and health care. My business is here. But in the eyes of the Japanese government, I […]

  • Why the death of Anthony Bourdain should mean something to you

    The last article I wrote on here was about how the death of Anthony Bourdain should mean nothing to you. In a sense I was wrong. The article was written as a (perhaps knee-jerk) reaction to all the posts I was reading about how the death of the TV Chef would leave a hole in […]

  • Why the death of Anthony Bourdain should mean nothing to you

    Use others as inspiration but never use them as a measuring stick to decide if your own life measured up.

  • Customer Service – How to infuriate your customers

    A great way to infuriate your customers is to send them form letters that hint that you could answer them, but really you can’t be bothered and that they are just generic “actors” you meet along the way to making lots of money. We only, usually, contact customer service when something goes wrong. It is […]

  • My Year In Crypto #2 – Crypto Confusion

    In this episode, you can literally watch my brain spinning as I try to understand a fundamental concept – what is the relationship between the “white paper” of a cryptocurrency and the “coin” of that currency that you buy on an exchange. The white paper I refer to is the one for “EOS” a supposedly […]

  • My Year in Crypto #1 – What is Crypto Currency?

    I’d heard about it. I’d ignored it. I looked into BitCoin in 2010! I’d even mined, but thought it was too slow and at the time it was worth nothing. It was like doing SETI. Even as late as last year friends asked me if it was a good investment and I had to honestly […]

  • Oh Canada.

    It never ceases to amaze me how Canada, and Canadians, have permitted the corporations and politicians to weight the laws in favour of corporate greed over human requirements.   25 years ago Philip Howard published his great book “The Death of Common Sense: How Law Is Suffocating America“. Reading it at the time I took […]