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  • Bold by Peter Diamandis – Book Review

    Rarely have I been as conflicted about a book as I am with Bold by Peter Diamandis. On one hand, there is some great advice in here and the requisite inspirational stories that modern business books seem to thrive on (though I am very, very tired of people using such exceptions as Uber, Twitter and […]

  • Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth – Book Review

    I’m a big fan of James Altucher. Sometimes his ‘I’m a screwup’ act gets a little tiring, but, set that aside and often he has some good advice. No exception to this is his book ‘The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth’. Yes, it’s all over the place. Yes, it’s a bit crazy at times. But still […]

  • How Many Times Can I Not Learn The Same Lesson?

    Back when I was a kid we had records. Vinyl records. I personally do not miss them, though I miss the covers. One of the reasons I don’t miss them is that they were fragile. I cannot express the feeling of coming home from school and finding a rather bent looking package waiting for me, […]

  • The 1 Hour Work Week

    The 1 Hour Work Week

    Tim Ferriss has nothing on me. Well, I mean of course you have to set aside the 10s (if not 100s) of millions he’s accrued. And the empire. And the respect. Other than THAT STUFF he’s got nothing on me. Because, right now, the majority of my income is generated by about 1 hour’s worth of […]

  • There’s a monkey in the house

    For 2016 I have pledged to myself – as I am the only one listening – to write a blog post once a week. This is to compliment the videos about business and books I am posting over on my YouTube channel. I’ve decided to do this every Friday. It seemed like a good idea, […]

  • Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk – Book Review

    I only discovered Gary Vaynerchuk (hereafter called Gary V) earlier this year (2015). He seems to have been around for a LONG time. He created his YouTube channel in October 2007. (I, for what it is worth – which is nothing – created mine in July 2006, so Gary’s claims of being an early adopter […]

  • Me & Pete: Why I’m doing a YouTube series about Peter Drucker

    So, I finished my YouTube series about Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps. I like to do series as it gives me a chance to delve into a topic. I’ve chosen the teachings of Peter Drucker as my next series. Peter Who? you ask! Drucker was arguably the founder of -and unquestionably a strong influencer on – […]

  • The Millionaire Next Door – Book Review

    The Millionaire Next Door – Book Review

    Another book review – this time of the ever-popular Thomas Stanley/William Danko book, ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ which discusses how anyone, with perseverance and discipline, can attain wealth. In it I also talk about the ‘Millionaire Next Door Wealth Ratio Calculator’

  • The Obstacle is the Way – Book Review

    The Obstacle is the Way – Book Review

    As some of you have been asking what books I’m reading – especially as I said that the thing I liked so much about Tai Lopez is his recommendation to read more – I’ve started to do video book reviews over on my YouTube channel. Here’s the first one. It’s of Ryan Holiday’s book ‘The Obstacle […]

  • Business & Film Focus

    As some of you may know, I have a YouTube channel where I try to talk mostly about my life and business ideas. But, I’m also working on my Masters in Film from Raindance. Right now I don’t really have a resource for that. Soon I’ll put something on here, but, for now to see the […]