Author: phil

  • How Did Elon Musk Become the Richest Man In The World?

    It was just announced that Elon Musk is now the richest man in the world. How did he infamously go from post-Paypal brokeness to this?! The idea is simple, and I break it down in this video.

  • First Look: DB Sharding in Rails 6.1

    Rails 6.1 was released as a stable build not so long ago. One of the features I was interested in is the support for sharding. In this video I take my first look at it. It’s a super exciting feature – if it works right!

  • 3 Steps to New Ideas – Create Low Competition Software Solutions

    In this video I give you the secret formula for coming up with new software ideas. I’m not charging you $97 for this. I’m not making you sign up for an email list. I’m just telling you. Incredibly, this is one of my least popular videos. People don’t like to have to work.

  • 6 Mistakes Of Beginner Wantrepreneurs

    When talking to beginner tech entrepreneurs (wantrepreneurs for want – haha – of a better term), I have seen some common misunderstandings or misconceptions. I cover those in this video. Sadly, I had to find out a lot of these the hard way. Try and learn from my (and other’s) mistakes!

  • 7 Habits of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

    Straight talk from an Experienced Tech Entrepreneur. There’s certain habits that will accelerate and elevate the chances of you being a successful internet entrepreneur. In this video I cover the lessons I’ve learned through my startup career over 20 years as a successful tech entrepreneur.

  • Why Ruby on Rails in 2021?

    It’s 2021, so why am I still using Ruby on Rails to develop new services? Find out inside. HINT: It doesn’t matter!!!

  • Lifestyles, Not Unicorns

    Everybody talks about these rare beasts in the startup world – the Unicorns. I’m here to tell you there is another, safer, better way. People get into Entrepreneurship for lots of different reasons. For me it was always about Lifestyle – and not the kind of ridiculous Instagram Lifestyle of being in your 20s (haha […]

  • Building Your Own Successful SaaS Business

    Software as a Service – SaaS – is THE WAY to go in my opinion. It is the best combination of technical challenge, technical solution and income stream. I have built several SaaS and service businesses – the current one being – the best Customer and Review management service for Amazon Sellers (In my […]

  • Think Frameworks, Not Languages

    For whatever reason we find it easy to get distracted by thinking about the programming language, when we should be thinking about the best frameworks written in each language that will give us a boost when it comes to developing solutions.

  • Stop Think About Investors

    Start thinking about customers! The best source of income is, and has always been, from customers.