YYZ and air Canada – reinforcing my negative feelings

It’s rare, even for my very cynical self, to have so many negative things to say in such a short period of time about an airport and airline.

I am writing this in terminal 1 of toronto’s pearson airport. Not from the lounge. More on that in a minute.

Now, I fly a lot. In 2012 I will take 49 flights. About half of them on Lufthansa or others star alliance partners  – like air Canada. Most partners and airports give me something for my star alliance frequent travell status. Usually a free checked bag, or entrance to the lounge.

Air Canada and Toronto airport does none of these things. So I needed to pay for my second bag. Ok  I booked through Expedia (as I almost always do) and they had quotd me $70 for the second bag. I went to air Canada’s self service kiosks, where I as told the fee was $90. Ouch. But what can I do. Except that neither of my European credit cards would work in the kiosk (I have used them throughout my 18 day trip to Canada).

So I weren’t to check in assistance, as the kiosk instructed me.

Except here the fee was now $100. They charge you $10 for not using the kiosk. I tried to explain that this was a great way to earn money for air Canada – just turn off the credit card functionality!

So the charge went from $70 to $90 to $100.

Now I asked about lounge access. No. Sorry. And there is no buy in lounge in this brand new terminal. I would have paid, but they would not give me access, for any amount of money.

All of this makes me wonder why I bother to be somewhat loyal to an airline or alliance.


Ok, it’s not starving kids in Africa, it’s just me whining but, I have definitely learned to avoid air Canada. I could have flown on Lufthansa one hour later today, but, I knew I would already have a long wait at the airport. If I had flown Lufthansa I would have actually saved money. That will teach me.

But really it teaches me to avoid Toronto. I got extra bags and lounge access in Detroit. That will be my destination in the future to get to south-western Ontario.

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