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  • Why the death of Anthony Bourdain should mean nothing to you

    Why the death of Anthony Bourdain should mean nothing to you

    Use others as inspiration but never use them as a measuring stick to decide if your own life measured up.

  • Oh Canada.

    It never ceases to amaze me how Canada, and Canadians, have permitted the corporations and politicians to weight the laws in favour of corporate greed over human requirements.   25 years ago Philip Howard published his great book “The Death of Common Sense: How Law Is Suffocating America“. Reading it at the time I took […]

  • My Thoughts on the Brexit

    [youtube id=A3ZGy5xg1V4] this is the text of the video I made about this My name is Phil Smy. I am a Canadian who lives in Japan. But because my parents are British I have a UK passport. Because of my UK passport I have lived in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. I spent a […]

  • My Olympic Sport

    With surprising frequency, the International Olympic Committee adds new sports to the Olympics. For instance in 1936, at the Berlin Games, Basketball was added. In 1964 – at the Tokyo Olympics – Volleyball joined the list. More recently, tennis and mountain biking were added. And finally, at this summer’s Olympics it will be golf. So, […]

  • May Vlog Challenge

    May Vlog Challenge

    Of all the forces in nature – gravity, magnetic attraction, nuclear fusion – surely one of the strongest is peer pressure. It’s responsible for untold amounts of change – for better and worse. When we talk about peer pressure it is almost always in a negative context: Little Johnny tried LSD because his friends were […]

  • Why I am leaving London Real Academy

    Why I am leaving London Real Academy

    As some of you might know, I have long been a supporter and believer in something called the London Real Academy. LRA is the membership side of the website/youtube channel founded by Brian Rose where he interviews successful and interesting people. LRA was founded as a place for like minded individuals to focus on […]

  • Morning Routines

    Rule #1 – Start the day right My life has drastically changed in the last few years, but, one of the most positive influences has been my change to a morning routine. In this post I’d thought I’d write about what I do, why I do it, and how it has affected me. [youtube id=rFxXoHkIwMk] […]

  • hey (accountability) buddy, can you spare a dime

    hey (accountability) buddy, can you spare a dime

    High on my list of words that are trendy right now that I detest is the word ‘tribe’. Call me a snob (snob!), but I don’t like the primal, wild, chasing bison with spears, image that it brings to mind. It takes me back to my elementary school years when we still called Native Americans […]

  • Internet Shopping Fraud in Japan

    Internet Shopping Fraud in Japan

    A friend of mine recently got duped by an online shopping site here in Japan. I thought I’d elaborate a little on what happened, who was involved and what could be done. What Happened My friend was looking for a piece of furniture. They found it on one of Japan’s largest online shopping sites, Rakuten. […]

  • How Many Times Can I Not Learn The Same Lesson?

    Back when I was a kid we had records. Vinyl records. I personally do not miss them, though I miss the covers. One of the reasons I don’t miss them is that they were fragile. I cannot express the feeling of coming home from school and finding a rather bent looking package waiting for me, […]