Stimulus, Hotwire, Bootstrap 5, Rails 6 – and a viewer question!

In this episode I tackle (kind of) a question put forward by a viewer on another video – handling the showing of duration in Rails.
To do that I create a new Rails6 app and plug in Stimulus.js, Hotwire/Turbo and Bootstrap5.

00:00 Introduction – Explanation
02:33 Environment
03:15 Create Rails app
04:04 Install Hotwire/Turbo
05:50 Install Stimulus
07:20 Install Bootstrap 5
09:50 Developer stuff for VSCode and Ruby
11:54 Create Model
17:00 Create the views
29:00 Calculate and display Duration
38:05 Use Stimulus to update the display
50:35 Use Hotwire to create and update the Timers
01:02:30 Summary

The inspiration for my answer is the great time tracker from Toggl (see it here:

Get great icons here:

Get the code here:

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