Rails 7: Tabulator & Stimulus – Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This is turning into a little series for me! I am loving moving things out of my html.erb files and into Stimulus controllers. It is cleaning things up and making things faster. Win-win!
Also I will be covering how to do inline editing with Tabulator (including sending the changes to Rails and saving them)

00:00 Intro
01:25 Change a Table into a Tabulator
03:40 Initialize Tabulator in a Stimulus Controller
06:45 Install Tabulator
08:30 Pull data into table with Ajax
12:40 Configure Columns
17:38 Inline Editing
21:30 CSRF
25:15 Processing parameters
27:00 Magic!
30:30 Other editors
35:00 Add the Chartkick filtering
40:00 Summary

If you prefer to read you can check out my Substack at https://philonrails.substack.com/ where I have detailed write ups and this and more Rails topics.

Source code for this episode is at: https://github.com/philsmy/tabulator-stimulus

Tabulator: https://tabulator.info/
Stimulus: https://stimulus.hotwired.dev/
Annotate gem: https://github.com/ctran/annotate_models


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