Step 2 – Fill a need

So we’ve covered step 1. Your business should stem from something you love, passionately.

The next step is really to figure out what to do. And I believe that comes from discovering a need. Not a ‘nice to have’ but a real need. A gap in the market.

How to discover this? I won’t say it’s easy, but, if you really love this topic then odds are that you have the answer inside you. What do YOU want or need when it comes to this area?

Be sure that it is a real need.

For instance, let’s say you love cricket (the sport). And no cricket website let’s you find a player’s statistics based on name. This is not a need. Any existing sport website that carries cricket could add this feature. But if no one was writing or covering your favourite league, or doing it in your language, then THAT is a need.

I read some business book recently that said ‘you are not the customer’. And this is true, but, at the beginning you have to take that role. You have to satisfy your own desires for this topic.

The Greater Good

Even better than finding a solution that will satisfy you is to find a solution that will help society in general. If you can find something that will ease social problems, help underpriveledged people or societies then you are really onto something and a special person.

Fulfilling the need should be priority #1. That IS your business. Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall.

Step 1 – The idea

One note about this site. I am not talking about starting one of the ‘I make x in a year through online passive income’ type websites. That isn’t a business. I am talking about starting a company that will provide a service to local and perhaps international customers on an ongoing basis.

A lot of people like the idea of starting their own business. No, they probably don’t understand all the work that will be needed, or how much time, effort and money it is going to take. But they still love the idea.

But while they may know they want to start a business they don’t know what business! So, for me the first step is to come up with some rules about what would make a good business idea.


I really can’t stress this enough. You must start a business that has something to do with a passionate interest – a hobby is always a good place to start. If you are willing to spend time on it without being paid, think how great it would be to GET paid!

The reasons behind this rule are many, but, in short if you don’t love it you won’t have much chance in long term survival nor will you probably bring anything new to the table. Remember, the odds of you creating a truly unique idea that not only fills a need (gosh, can you guess what rule 2 will be!) but also is without competition. So, you’ll need to have great insight into the area. And that (in my experience) only comes from passion.

An Example

For example, I started for one simple reason: I loved movies and I wanted a mail-order DVD rental company like my friends were using in Canada, US and the UK. Now, I knew a fair amount about website development and I also knew a lot about films and the business of film distribution. But, I had no idea how much I had to learn to create a business like FilmAmora. If I hadn’t LOVED what I was doing I never could have carried on.

So, if you love books or animals or renovating houses… all things can become a business. Think about what you spend your free time (or work time!) thinking about. That’s going to be a good place to start.

Oh – my only limitation here is that ideally what you like should be legal and not closely tied with a corporate identity (i.e. world’s #1 Pepsi drinker – that’s a corporate example, not the illegal one).

So, that’s the first step to starting your business – a business about something that interests you.

Coming Soon – just about there

Some of you have asked ‘where’s the content?’. Well, I am almost ready to start posting the weekly blogposts that cover part one – “Choosing a line of Business”.

I know some of you out there want to be in business but don’t know what to do. Over the course of a few posts I’ll delve into what I think are the keys (they’re not secrets!) to creating a business that lasts and will make money.

Speaking out against Hype

I am not a proponent of these ‘passive income’, ‘internet marketing’ ideas and websites. I think you can probably count on one (maybe both) hands the people that have really made money with these things. And do you want to know HOW they made money (shhh – here IS the big secret) they made money by selling their business ideas to other people. i.e. their business is selling you things to get you into business. So the only advice they can really offer is to sell on their ideas (affiliate marketing) or start your own internet business consultancy.

But at the end of the line someone, somewhere has to actually do work! Never forget that. If you can show me someone, apart from a lottery winner, who made a lot of money with no work I’d like to hear about it.

Anyway, rant over.

Nothing to buy

What I am trying to get across is that I am not here to sell you something. Truth is I literally don’t have anything to sell! No ebooks, no affiliates programs, etc etc (though if you live in Spain I strongly recommend signing up for – Spain’s leading mail order DVD rental company!)

I have a proven background in business – from the bottom up. I’ve been a grunt and now I am the CEO of a successful company. I hope that through that I can help you follow your dreams and start a company and make it a success.

Oh – and I am not in the USA! There is a lack of info out here on doing things outside of the world’s greatest temple to consumer culture.

So – stay tuned. Content starts soon!

What’s all this then?

Welcome to my new blog.

What I am going to try and do on here is stick to a basic theme of setting up and running  a small business. Both virtually (i.e. online) and the logistics and practicalities of running a real business.

My backdrop for doing this will primarily be the development and evolution of FilmAmora is Spain’s premier mail-order DVD rental website. (think Netflix if you live in America or LoveFilm if you live in Northern Europe). This is a new concept to Spain and I’ll go through the trials and tribulations I had in creating, developing and marketing the business.

Along the way I hope to have some guests (through postings or interviews) that will shed some light on the process.

As we are based in Spain some of the practical information may only apply to people who’s business is also here, but, I would think that certainly a lot of the same paperwork is needed in Europe and to a lesser degree elsewhere. But, as paperwork will not be the focus of this blog (god knows I have enough of that outside this blog!) then hopefully you’ll find the rest of the info applicable no matter where you are.

Welcome and I hope I can be of assistance.