Master Stripe Subscriptions with Rails 7: Webhooks & Recurring Payments | Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our in-depth tutorial on integrating Stripe subscriptions with a Rails 7 application. If you want to master recurring payments and webhook configurations, you’re in the right place!

📌 What You’ll Learn:

Configure Stripe for subscription-based (recurring) payments.
Handle Stripe webhooks to receive real-time updates on subscription statuses.
Implement CSRF protection and build a success page for your payment flow.

🔗 Prerequisites:
Watch Part 1 to get up to speed on one-time payments and initial setup:

⏰ Timestamps:

00:00 Recap of Part 1 (Watch Part 1
04:40 Understanding Stripe’s Subscription Example
07:30 Creating the Subscription Model and Controller
08:30 Setting Up a Stripe Session for Subscriptions
13:50 All About Stripe Webhooks
24:00 Hands-On: Testing Your Setup
26:30 Implementing CSRF Protection
27:30 Building a Success Page
30:30 How to Resend Events for Testing
32:00 Displaying Subscription Status on Your App
34:50 Summary and Closing

📚 Additional Resources:

Stripe Documentation:
Rails 7 Documentation:

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