Continuous Integration for Rails with Travis & GitHub

In this video, I take the Contractometer project from earlier lessons and integrate it with Travis for Continuous Integration (i.e. auto-building and testing).


What is continuous integration anyway?
Essentially, you check your code into a central repository (i.e. Github) and automated building is done to see if your code can run, and tests are automatically run to see if your code passes. It should ensure that the code in the repository passes.

Get the project on Github:
The ‘for_ci’ branch has the updated Read Me with what I did here

00:00 Introduction
00:18 What is Continuous Integration
04:40 Preparing the app – branch
06:15 Install gem
07:45 Add needed code in config
08:50 Bundle
09:20 Install rspec and cucumber
11:00 Configure Database Cleaner
12:10 Configure Coveralls
13:05 Travis Configuration
19:00 Push to Github
22:45 Monitor in Travis

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