Author: phil

  • Do What You Love – an example

    Recently I read a great interview on This is an interesting site that talks about people who are trying to create a business that will let them travel the world while still making (preferably a huge) income. Whether they intend to or not they prove just how difficult this is – on many levels. […]

  • Step 2 – Fill a need

    So we’ve covered step 1. Your business should stem from something you love, passionately. The next step is really to figure out what to do. And I believe that comes from discovering a need. Not a ‘nice to have’ but a real need. A gap in the market. How to discover this? I won’t say […]

  • Step 1 – The idea

    One note about this site. I am not talking about starting one of the ‘I make x in a year through online passive income’ type websites. That isn’t a business. I am talking about starting a company that will provide a service to local and perhaps international customers on an ongoing basis. A lot of […]

  • Coming Soon – just about there

    I have a proven background in business – from the bottom up. I’ve been a grunt and now I am the CEO of a successful company. I hope that through that I can help you follow your dreams and start a company and make it a success.

  • What’s all this then?

    Welcome to my new blog. What I am going to try and do on here is stick to a basic theme of setting up and running  a small business. Both virtually (i.e. online) and the logistics and practicalities of running a real business. My backdrop for doing this will primarily be the development and evolution […]