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  • So much going on… so little blogging

    I have been horribly remiss at this blog. Not that anyone cares, but, it seems hard for me to keep this going. Despite my busy life – work is insanely busy… recession, what recession? – and my various personal pursuits I just can’t keep it going. Some would say ‘who cares’. Or ‘why bother’. Both […]

  • Very Handy Site for the Cross Time-Zone Worker!

    I was looking today to figure out how to schedule work time for California (Toygaroo) while I am in Kyoto (Japan). I stumbled across this site. There are probably others like it, but this is the one I found. TravelMath lets you pick two places (very nice that you can just enter airport codes) and […]

  • Toygaroo in TechCrunch – and growing up

    TechCrunch did a nice article about Toygaroo and the Shark Tank appearance… and the resulting investment from Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. It looks like the company and the site are starting to get some traction and we are still getting some great traffic – even after the ridiculous original spike from being on the […]

  • The word is out about Toygaroo and Shark Tank!

    So, now that the show has aired, and most people have watched it either live or via DVR, we can start talking about it! If you want some details on what transpired you can read: this article. Basically, we took $200k from Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban in exchange for 40% of the company. These […]

  • The immediate aftermath of a Shark Tank appearance

    Last night my company, Toygaroo, was on Shark Tank (America’s version of Dragon’s Den). Our segment was around 8 minutes long. Let me say that we hadn’t really done any advertising before and our pageviews, pre-sharktank, were pretty close to 0, once you factor out employees and testing. Yesterday we had 70,000 page views. All […]

  • My company Toygaroo on Shark Tank premiere.

    My new company is Toygaroo. Toygaroo is an innovation in the toy business. It is a rental company – similar to let’s say something like NetFlix – where you can rent toys instead of buying them. It was started by some great people out in California and I was brought on as CTO, bringing along […]

  • Busy, busy – Toygaroo, Kyoto and more

    Haven’t been blogging on here at all lately! Things have been quite crazy! #1 – Toygaroo! My new company is Toygaroo. Founded by a bunch of great guys (and a gal!) in California this company looks set to change the way parents get toys for their kids. Toygaroo is a rental model, like FilmAmora and […]

  • finding lost bags… is this not the 21st century

    Recently both my wife and I had our bags lost by British Airways on a flight back from Canada. They have asked us to send a list of contents to help identify the bags. Surely if they can look at the contents then the bags have been broken open… so we are going to have […]

  • The on-going scam in the Spanish BluRay/DVD marketplace

    It never ceases to amaze me at the absolute ripoff policies of the studios when it comes to selling their discs in Spain. The latest – and one of the most shocking – is in the new release of the Lost TV Series. Now that the series is over of course there are some nice […]

  • Rich Schefren & Strategic Profits… not Strategic Customer Relations!

    In my last post I commented on how I wanted to take the Rich Schefren course about Strategic Entrepreneurship (a term which, by the way, is the title of another business textbook from several years ago, so I find it a bit hard to see how Rich can claim he was ‘the only one thinking […]