Tag: Ruby on Rails

  • Using AWS Cloud9 for Ruby on Rails Development

    In this video, I take a look at the pretty darn cool AWS service called Cloud9 – an IDE in the cloud! Here I cover how to get it going and use it for Ruby on Rails development (though it works for all kinds of languages!) I think it’s a neat way to get discreet, […]

  • Continuous Integration for Rails with Travis & GitHub

    In this video, I take the Contractometer project from earlier lessons and integrate it with Travis for Continuous Integration (i.e. auto-building and testing). https://travis-ci.com What is continuous integration anyway? Essentially, you check your code into a central repository (i.e. Github) and automated building is done to see if your code can run, and tests are […]

  • Debugging Rails

    Sometimes (read: always) you will need to debug your Ruby on Rails application. In this video, I cover some of the gems and methods you can use to do that!

  • Stimulus, Hotwire, Bootstrap 5, Rails 6

    In this episode I tackle (kind of) a question put forward by a viewer on another video – handling the showing of duration in Rails. To do that I create a new Rails6 app and plug in Stimulus.js, Hotwire/Turbo and Bootstrap5.

  • Writing Solid Ruby Code

    A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) I read the book ‘Writing Solid Code’. Here’s my version of the top points from that book, but adapted for Ruby.

  • Turning a Rails 5 gem into a Rails 6 Engine

    With Zonmaster (https://public.zonmaster.com) we are/were stuck on Rails 5 because the tenanting gem we use (Milia) isn’t Rails 6 compatible. Let’s fix that! Sorry for the rambling, I don’t have a lot of time to structure the videos so I just start and go! I’m working on a new project that hopefully someday I will […]

  • Datatables & Rails – Basic to Advanced – Ruby on Rails Tutorial

    A monster of a video here! I cover using Datatables – the amazing JQuery plugin that gives you great-looking and behaving tables – in a Ruby on Rails 5 app. Going from creating the app all the way up to some sophisticated styling.

  • ElasticSearch and Ruby on Rails – Part 1

    Recently I have been using two databases in my large Rails projects – 1, an RDBMS like MySQL, as a data store and another – ElasticSearch – as a denormalized document store that drives the front end data. In this video, I go over how to get ElasticSearch into your Rails project and get the […]

  • Introduction to Hotwire – Ruby On Rails

    Another one for Ruby on Rails developers! Hotwire is a ‘better’, simpler way to get dynamically updated content onto your web pages and create a more consistent experience. BUT the real positive, for us Rails developers, is that you can do this using essentially the same CRUD actions and partials that we already have in […]

  • Deploying Rails 6.1 to Production

    Nerd Alert! In this video I discuss how to actually deploy your Ruby on Rails application so that the rest of the world can see it!