Rich Schefren & Strategic Profits… not Strategic Customer Relations!

In my last post I commented on how I wanted to take the Rich Schefren course about Strategic Entrepreneurship (a term which, by the way, is the title of another business textbook from several years ago, so I find it a bit hard to see how Rich can claim he was ‘the only one thinking such things’… but I digress.

Rich’s course is about $3000. But, according to his testimonials, it is money well spent. And I will say that his lengthy introduction videos did actually contain things that I found interesting. I was legitimately interested in taking this course! But I sent the email asking about experience in non-English markets. I sent that email 3 times!

Today I received this:

Dear Phil
Strategic Profits and the Abraham Group would greatly appreciate
your feedback.  Our records indicate that you recently contacted
our support team.
You are invited to participate in an online survey about your recent
experience with our team.

That’s very nice of them. Except, of course, that no one ever answered my emails or questions I submitted through their support forum! My suggestion to Strategic Profits is that they first check that they have done any customer support before asking for feedback on it.

Oh, and the email was sent from: Brian Johnson , so obviously they don’t want me to answer!

For a company and a man who claim to be teaching you how to have a great business and to serve the customer, this is a rather painful failing!

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