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  • Customer Service – How to infuriate your customers

    Customer Service – How to infuriate your customers

    A great way to infuriate your customers is to send them form letters that hint that you could answer them, but really you can’t be bothered and that they are just generic “actors” you meet along the way to making lots of money. We only, usually, contact customer service when something goes wrong. It is […]

  • Customer Service…the hint is in the name

    For most of the year I live in Japan. Japan has some of the best customer service I’ve experienced in my time and travels on this great Earth of ours. But, I also spend a lot of time in my native Canada. Canada has this reputation of being peopled by “nice” people, and they treat […]

  • hey (accountability) buddy, can you spare a dime

    hey (accountability) buddy, can you spare a dime

    High on my list of words that are trendy right now that I detest is the word ‘tribe’. Call me a snob (snob!), but I don’t like the primal, wild, chasing bison with spears, image that it brings to mind. It takes me back to my elementary school years when we still called Native Americans […]

  • The 1 Hour Work Week

    The 1 Hour Work Week

    Tim Ferriss has nothing on me. Well, I mean of course you have to set aside the 10s (if not 100s) of millions he’s accrued. And the empire. And the respect. Other than THAT STUFF he’s got nothing on me. Because, right now, the majority of my income is generated by about 1 hour’s worth of […]

  • There’s a monkey in the house

    For 2016 I have pledged to myself – as I am the only one listening – to write a blog post once a week. This is to compliment the videos about business and books I am posting over on my YouTube channel. I’ve decided to do this every Friday. It seemed like a good idea, […]

  • Me & Pete: Why I’m doing a YouTube series about Peter Drucker

    So, I finished my YouTube series about Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps. I like to do series as it gives me a chance to delve into a topic. I’ve chosen the teachings of Peter Drucker as my next series. Peter Who? you ask! Drucker was arguably the founder of -and unquestionably a strong influencer on – […]

  • The New Making It

    Found this over on the NYT. On one level it’s very inspiring. On another it’s very depressing – I’m twice the age of most of the people in here. Too little, too late?     Six creatives in the Los Angeles area are supporting themselves with gigs that would have been impossible 15 years ago. […]

  • Peter Thiel talk in London on business and politics – Business Insider

    Thiel spoke on stage about a wide range of subjects. Source: Peter Thiel talk in London on business and politics – Business Insider Peter Thiel is a pretty amazing guy. Co-founder of PayPal, the first outside investor in Facebook… you get the idea. So, when he speaks you should listen. Thiel talks at length about […]

  • Bow To Your Billionaire Drone Overlord: Frank Wang’s Quest To Put DJI Robots Into The Sky – Forbes

    At 34, Frank Wang has turned his dream of flying robots into the world’s biggest drone company–and an expected $4.5 billion fortune. Now, as the market for his devices explodes, his old colleague is trying to take him down. Fascinating article about Frank Wang Tao, how he grew DJI into an amazing company, and how […]

  • Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits – 15 point to measure your business

    Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits – 15 point to measure your business

    I just finished reading Philip Fisher’s seminal investment book ‘Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits’. The book tells you how to truly evaluate a company that you want to invest in (or buy stock of). The book is a little dated, first coming out in 1960. Some things certainly don’t apply to today’s world (I don’t think […]