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  • Raindance MA in Film: Learning Contract

    I’ve always said that I want to be as transparent – warts and all – about my progress through the Raindance MA in Film. This includes doing my bi-weekly or so video blog “I Wanna Be A Producer” (available on YouTube) and posting my assignments. Below you will find my complete ‘Learning Contract’. We write […]

  • What I learned from writing my presentation

    What I learned from writing my presentation

    I just wanted to go through some points about doing my presentation of my learning contract. Doing the presentation clarified my mind! This is the most important, for me. Having to distill my learning contract down into a presentation really showed some holes in my learning contract. It got me thinking about the overall ‘arch’ […]

  • Favourite Film Book(s)

    We all know the situation. Someone asks you to recommend your favourite xyz… movie, book, song, band, vacation spot, etc etc. It’s impossible. So, when we were asked to write about our favourite book on filmmaking, I knew that it too was impossible. Filmmaking is such a wide term, that the best I could do […]

  • Woody Allen: Director

    I remember sitting in the basement, what must have been late at night, in the early/mid 1970s. The TV was on, I was alone, and enthralled in the work of a man who’s career now spans 50 years and an incredible 60+ films: Woody Allen. The movies of Woody Allen have always spoken to me.  I […]

  • What goes around, comes around – life lessons and comedy in Groundhog Day

    Yes. ‘Groundhog Day’. It is perhaps not the coolest, hippest film choice I could have made, but, in all honesty, it is a film that has rarely been equalled in it’s combination of profundity and humour. The Story I am sure I don’t need to tell you the basic outline of this plot, as the […]