Category: Investing

  • Stop Think About Investors

    Start thinking about customers! The best source of income is, and has always been, from customers.

  • My Year In Crypto #2 – Crypto Confusion

    In this episode, you can literally watch my brain spinning as I try to understand a fundamental concept – what is the relationship between the “white paper” of a cryptocurrency and the “coin” of that currency that you buy on an exchange. The white paper I refer to is the one for “EOS” a supposedly…

  • My Year in Crypto #1 – What is Crypto Currency?

    I’d heard about it. I’d ignored it. I looked into BitCoin in 2010! I’d even mined, but thought it was too slow and at the time it was worth nothing. It was like doing SETI. Even as late as last year friends asked me if it was a good investment and I had to honestly…