Why I am leaving London Real Academy


As some of you might know, I have long been a supporter and believer in something called the London Real Academy. LRA is the membership side of the LondonReal.tv website/youtube channel founded by Brian Rose where he interviews successful and interesting people. LRA was founded as a place for like minded individuals to focus on self-improvement across a wide swathe of disciplines – from physical fitness, to finances, to creativity. I have met Brian in person, and attended a ‘focus group’ evening at the London Real studios.

I have not always agreed with some of the views of the guests, but that’s fine. It’s all education.

One guest, and Rose’s mentor, Dan Pena has never been aligned with the intellectual, spiritual, humanistic side of LRA. LRA is not about making money at any expense, it is about making a better person. A better person does not, as Pena does at every event, suggest that participates who are not up to scratch commit suicide. Even saying such a thing for effect (what effect?) is betraying the values that the LRA community supposedly stands for. Pena is an aggressive, violent bully who in the past has participated in attempts at violent overthrows of democratically elected governments for money.

The thing that has tipped the scales for me is to have Pena on, uncontested, supporting Donald Trump. This is a very political and moral statement that I will not pay money to support. (Click image for video)

I do not question that America needs an overhaul of its political and social systems. I just do not believe that a racist, misogynist, pathological liar who condones (and incites) violence on his behalf against those who disagree with him – or he just doesn’t like – is the most positive way forward. I do not believe that it is an approach that is aligned with all the things I hear in the London Real Academy community.

I do not think it is an understatement to say that Trump’s views – and his access to power – make him as potentially dangerous as any great dictator in recent history. To allow his supporters a platform is by extension to support Trump. I do not think that history will view those who allowed his hatred to propagate kindly. It is akin to having Royal Dutch/Shell oil chairman Henri Deterding on the show to discuss his admiration and support of Hitler. And that is not a statement I make lightly.

I turned a blind eye to LR’s click bait, follower grabbing attempts with Pena – which I should not have – but not with Pena as a Trump supporter.

Of course, Brian Rose and the London Real team are free to do with their channel and other outlets as they wish. I am not for a second saying they should not. I am simply saying that I won’t sponsor it.


7 thoughts on “Why I am leaving London Real Academy”

  1. I completely agree with you, it’s a bout taking a moral stand which should always over power a financial stand

  2. Thank you, Phil, for this article. I was looking for a more objective opinion on London real.. Some that I found on the web were overly ecstatic, and hard to take seriously in my opinion. Would you say though that the positives outweigh the negatives, thinking of your overall experience with them? Brian does seem to be genuinely nice and very approachable.. Is he the same in person?

  3. london real has been a choke for a while. Brian has just reverted to his money obsesed days. From a guy asking great questions he has become the guy with all the answers. Dan penia and Thai Lopez are to blame to his journy back to the “dark side”.

  4. The comment from salo sums it all up.

    London Real was refreshing when it started now its like everything else. Not a day goes by without Brian Rose tryna sell me something. This shameless commercial push alienated the original fans.

  5. Where about in Shoredich is the Academy based?Does anyone know the exact adress of London Real T.V?

  6. The old London Real was amazing it felt authentic, cool and divergent. It had its 1000 true fans. Now it’s gone mainstream, focused on extracting cash and selling products.

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